welcome to a collective artistic process

Although we see ourselves as individuals and are even physically separated, we often share questions, feelings, concerns and ideas. BLACK BOX offers a virtual space for joint processing and can create new approaches and connections through its artistic focus. 

Together we will devote three months, two weeks each, to a thematic focus: shelter, nature, trust, contact. The term black box is an image from psychology. It is based on the assumption that there is a visible impulse or stimulus and a visible reaction or behavior, in between there is a black box, quasi the invisible processing center of the human being.


We will meet on the platform ZOOM one wednesday and receive impulses from two international artists on one topic. After this all of us can upload impulses like texts, pictures, videos, drawings and all that comes to our
mind and heart on this website and exchange around it.

Every two weeks a new BLACK BOX opens!

Upcoming ZOOM meetings
at 8 pm (UTC/GMT +1) 

2nd Sept 2020, topic: shelter, artists: Heidi Käfer (New Zealand), Kefa Oiro, (Kenya)

16th Sept 2020, topic: nature, artists: Tamara Williams (Brazil), Ramesh Shotham (India/Germany)

30th Sept 2020, topic: trust, artists: Flavia Garrigo (Uruguay), Joan Chavez (Colombia/Germany)

14th Oct 2020, topic: contact, artists: all



Lucia Lehmann, idea and artistic direction, is as a freelance author, performer and pedagogue. As an author she has published among others with DuMont Verlag. She directed the international performance project “Urbane Stadtforschung” (DE/KE 2016), “I.d.R. verschwiegen” (DE 2017) and “Period of Silence” (DE 2018), was project manager and performer in the co-production of 687performance with Sommerblut Festival and United Cowboys (NL/DE 2019) “Flying Fish” and participated in the exhibitions “Aleppo” (DE 2019) and “Portraits of Dictatorship” (DE 2020).

Tamara Williams earned her BFA in Dance from Florida State University and received her MFA in Dance from Hollins University in collaboration with The American Dance Festival, The Forsythe Company, and Frankfurt University. She is a certified GYROTONIC(R) Trainer, Reiki Practitioner, and capoeirista. Williams has trained intensely in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil in Silvestre Technique and African Brazilian dance. Williams’ research has been published in The Dancer-Citizen Journal and has a forthcoming book, Giving Life to Movement (McFarland Publishing Co.), analyzing African-Brazilian dance histories and cultures.

Tamara is giving impulses on NATURE (16th Sept 2020).

Heidi Käfer is a Social Anthropologist and dance practitioner from Germany, currently based in New Zealand. In her projects she combines anthropological knowledge and research questions with Somatics, Contemporary Dance and Performance Arts. Her interests lie in the endless manifestations and forms of corporal expressions of culture through dance, societal transition towards a more sustainable way of relating as well as questions of community making, which she worked on in her Master research on practices of community making in a refugee squat in Athens in 2017. On her dance journey she travelled through many different genres such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Samba and Contemporary Dance. Since several years her focus lies on Contemporary Dance and Contact Improvisation. Since this year Heidi facilitates Contact Improvisation in Wellington with the intention of contributing to a more community based performance arts and conscious dance community. 

Heidi is giving impulses on SHELTER (2nd Sept 2020).

Flavia Garrido runs the IBUKUN Cultural Center in Pinamar, Uruguay. She specializes in Afro and contemporary dance, as well as Candombe. IBUKUN is a permanent fixture in Uruguay, where professional artists* come together to show dance, theater, music and martial arts, as well as educational events and workshops.

Flavia is giving impulses on TRUST (30th Sept 2020).


Isabella Lehmann, project assistance, is author of poems and theater plays and works part-time as an editor. In Berlin, her home for the past 10 years, she began with her first play „Stimme.Stimme“, which was published in July 2020. Isabella is now based in Cologne, where she started an education in poetry therapy. 


Sonia Pereira Alves, idea and performance, studied sports and gymnastics at the Timermeister University and dance therapy with Bettina Bierdümpel in the study’s of social works. In Bonn she studied American Jazz Ballett with Janco Jancollini, since 2010 she has been working as a freelance artist and learned the Silvestre technique with Vera Passos, Nei Sacramento & Mai Albano ( Music) in Brazil in 2018/2019. For the past six years she has been a regular assistant director for KKT Cologne. She also took over the project assistance for “Re_Verb” and danced and performed at “Mambo Moves”, and other Cologne formats.

Ramesh Shotham is one of the most versatile and extraordinary musicians of the Cologne scene. He comes from Madras, now Chennai, and is at home in rock, jazz, fusion, improvised and many other types of music. Unforgotten are his concerts with Charlie Mariano, the Karnataka College of Percussion or the WDR Big Band. His own band Madras Special sets standards in world-class music.

Ramesh is giving impulses on NATURE (16th Sept 2020).

Kefa Oiro is a performance artist and autodidact who lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya. He started his career with traditional and Afro Fusion dances at the Kenyan National Theater. He then attended various workshops for release, flying low, contact improvisation and jazz techniques in Africa and Europe. He worked for six years as a social worker and manager for the Njia Yetu Project, a hifls program for street children. Kefa is co-founder of local dance structures such as Kunja Dance, the Alama Dance Theatre and the Dance Forum Nairobi. He participated in African choreography congresses in Paris and Tunis respectively. He is currently director of his own company Tuchangamke Dance Group and co-curator of two dance platforms.

Kefa is giving impulses on SHELTER (2nd Sept 2020).

Joan Chávez is a Colombian musician from Cologne. Sideman, arranger and composer in various projects. He has also performed on 9 studio and live CD and double bass player in more than 20 festivals in Colombia, Europe, Turkey and Taiwan. In 2019 he released his first studio album “Magdalena”, which was recorded in the studios of the Folkwang Universität der Küntse and played on the German radio WDR3 Campus Jazz, the Bavarian Jazz Weekend 2019 and the Bavarian Radio Bayern 2 by BR Klassik RadioJazzNacht.

Joan is giving impulses on TRUST (30th Sept 2020).

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