Frequently asked questions

1. What do we do on the ZOOM meeting, do I need to prepare something?

Just come as you are, wherever, however. Would be nice to turn audio off and camera on! If you feel like giving an impulse, feel free!

2. What do you mean by impulse on ZOOM?

The topic is our source of inspiration, now we get creative with it. You can give an impulse in talking, reading, asking a question, physical instructions or exercise, play music … what every you want to try, try it!

3. How long are the ZOOM session?

Around one and a half hours in total.

4.What do I do the on this website

After the ZOOM session is done, on this website you can interact with each other and upload impulses and/or ideas (same like the impulse on ZOOM you can upload video, music, text, questions, pictures etc.).

The two weeks is the time to let the topic resonate in your life. After two weeks the current blackbox is closed and the new one opens.

5.Why is the project name black box?

The term black box is an image from psychology. It is based on the assumption that there is a visible impulse or stimulus and a visible reaction or behaviour, in between there is a black box, quasi the invisible processing centre of the human being. Although we see ourselves as individuals and are even physically separated, we often share questions, feelings, concerns and ideas. The BLACK BOX offers a virtual space for joint processing and can create new approaches and connections.